This is the story of a global tug of war between ‘A4’ and ‘letter’

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You can crumple it, fold it, print on it, and write on it. In short, a piece of paper can do it all. But not everyone agrees about what size it should be.

When I moved to the U.S. for college, I found out that they did not use A4-sized paper. It was a catastrophe. My first college essay came out of the printer cut off at the top and bottom. It reminded me of my teenage self every time I outgrew pants. …

No foreign-language film has ever taken top honors at the Academy Awards. But thanks to Donald Trump, Netflix, and a director named Bong Joon Ho, South Korea’s “Parasite” stands a fighting chance.

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Imagine this. A stocky Asian man, with wire-framed glasses walks up on stage. The black mop of hair on his head suggests that he hasn’t slept in days. Don’t let that fool you. To deafening applause, he’s presented with the top prize, even though nobody like him has ever won it. His name is Bong Joon Ho, and he’s a 50-year-old film director from South Korea, whose film…

An internet-based genre of chill music helps people to destress and focus

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Check out my thoughts on Lo-Fi Beats in The Washington Post

It’s 9pm. I sit at my desk to work on an article. My laptop is dimly lit by a tungsten lamp. Beside it, a cup of green tea. This is my happy place. I turn on a playlist of lo-fi hip hop beats to complete my restorative setup. The steady rhythms and chill vibes are the aural equivalent of drinking soup that never gets cold. Like a cuppa Campbell’s, it’s music for the soul.

A month ago…

The West has voiced their support for Hong Kong protestors, but many overseas Chinese are sitting on the fence. Identity politics means that this battle is being waged on domestic soil.

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The Hong Kong protestors have endured a long six months. Since April, demonstrators have organized in marches across the city to fight a proposed extradition bill — in a movement characterized by reports of violence and police brutality. But it was only recently that the West joined the cause, after numerous attempts by the Chinese government to suppress HK support overseas (see the NBA, Blizzard, and Apple).

It’s not…

The success of a show about a beloved TV series hints at a lucrative new direction for the podcast industry.

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Last Wednesday the first episode of Office Ladies was unleashed onto the internet. The hour-long podcast features The Office stars, Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey, reliving the making of their hugely beloved show. Every week they promise to offer listeners unique insights into a different episode, hoping to appeal to Office fans who can’t get enough of Scranton’s favorite paper company. …

Millennials face a uniquely modern problem — the terrors of endless opportunity.

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I always end the week by watching Netflix. As far as I’m concerned the streaming platform is nothing less than a magic elixir for stressful 21st-century life. On Friday night, all I want to do is collapse on my couch, forget work, and think about something else. With modern technology and the right defeatist attitude it’s as simple as pressing a button. That button takes me to the Netflix app where I am greeted with a burgundy webpage and bold movie posters that fill me with the dreamy…

The podcaster/comedian/UFC commentator has risen up the podcast charts with an eclectic collection of guests.

Podcast extraordinaire Joe Rogan can’t stop talking about his isolation tank. His show — the Joe Rogan Experience — attracts millions of listeners each episode. And why wouldn’t it? Politicians, business leaders, and big-name celebrities feature as regular guests. You’d think all that star power would go hand in hand with book plugs and press junkets. But Rogan’s reach is less deterrent, more encouragement, to talk about the niche topics that really interest him. Psychedelic experiences, UFO’s, and of course, intra-dimensional portals are just an…

A modest Japanese clothing company recreates community structures to become a global mega-brand.

Last month, Japanese clothing giant Uniqlo opened its second store in Western Australia. At the Carousel Shopping Center, shoppers lined up to get first access to the brand’s versatile catalogue of clothing. Onlookers could be forgiven for confusing the store opening for a Justin Bieber concert.

The brand has found a niche in the crowded marketplace of fast fashion. While its European counterparts outshine each other with loud, bold designs, Uniqlo goes against the trend. Inspired by its Japanese heritage, the company sells simple, functional clothing. …

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One of the biggest global entertainment industries is televised sport. Everyone watches sport. Kids in Peru watch sport. Grandmothers in Iceland watch sport (I assume). What’s more, most people watch multiple types of sport. There is the camaraderie of team competition (football, basketball), and the heroics of individual athletics (swimming, acrobatics on ice) There are even niche sports you haven’t heard of like ‘korfball’ and ‘luge’. What I’m trying to say is that there’s something for everybody.

The trouble with watching sport is that it’s unpredictable.

This might seem counterintuitive. Don’t people watch sport precisely for the suspense? For the…

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